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Executive Summary

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Rayish Ramrakha
Chief Executive Officer

Mr Rayish Ramrakha is a Biomedical Scientist in the United Kingdom. He is currently working at The Imperial College NHS Foundation. He also worked for UCL NHS Hospitals and The Doctors Laboratory.

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Our 2021-2024 Business Plan marks our second strategic plan in expanding the Manchester Institute of Training Qualifications Ltd in Mauritius. We have introduced over fifteen qualifications delivered by the Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) of the United Kingdom. These qualifications are recognised and regulated by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) of England. There are grouped under three faculties. They are:  

1. The faculty of Childcare and Education

2. The faculty of Health and Social Care

3. The faculty of Business Management

At MITQ, we prepare students for future careers by providing hands-on experience within a dynamic and progressive learning environment. We have a full range of qualifications supported by academic pathways, delivered at certificate and diploma level. Students can choose to undertake through part time, full time and short term mode. Students acquire essential employability skills through experiential learning opportunities including applied work placement, community and clinical placements, industry partnerships and entrepreneurial activities. Our unique blend of theoretical, applied and breadth learning ensures that students are ready for success in this competitive employment market.


We remain committed to quality through a sustained focus on teaching and learning excellence, demonstrating leadership in the development of innovative teaching and learning strategies, learning outcomes and ensuring an exceptional experience for our diverse student body. We remain reliant on the excellence and professionalism of our staffs to ensure that we set a strong foundation for success. Throughout our recent strategic planning discussions, we emphasized on the importance and impact of maximizing our partnerships with specific industry, government bodies and other educational institutions. As an educational organisation, we will keep our students at the centre of all decision-making.

As we embark on this first year strategic plan, we are focused on the bold and distinctive goals we have planned for ourselves. It is an ambitious project for the company as we innovate and apply strategies that have proven to be the most effective. We are developing the education sector in respect to worldwide changes in education, employment and life style. 

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